'I don't feel like I'm far from my first Grand Prix victory'

23-09-2021 21:13 | Updated: 23-09-2021 21:34
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'I don't feel like I'm far from my first Grand Prix victory'

Carlos Sainz had a difficult start to the season, but his form has improved significantly. Although he is seventh in the world championship with 97.5 points, he still hasn't won a Grand Prix.

However, the Spaniard expects this to happen soon, he told Motorsport-total.com. "Of course it's nice that Renault and McLaren have won races, but we could have won in Monaco and we were very close at Silverstone. And I could have won at Monza last year as well. I don't feel like I'm far from that."

Ferrari did well in Monza

Ferrari performed above expectations at the Monza GP two weeks ago. Whereas Sainz finished in sixth position, his teammate Charles Leclerc even managed to secure fourth place. The Madrid native was therefore satisfied with his team's result.

"We knew Monza would probably be one of the worst tracks for our car, but actually the weekend was quite reasonable for us. We scored a fair amount of points. But you can't do anything about the nature of your car," Sainz said.

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