Verstappen doesn't dare look ahead: 'That makes it a bit unpredictable'

23-09-2021 18:14 | Updated: 23-09-2021 19:53
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Verstappen doesn't dare look ahead: 'That makes it a bit unpredictable'

Max Verstappen will fight for a good starting position at this weekend's Russian Grand Prix. Where Mercedes seems to have the advantage, Red Bull Racing has proven often enough this season that they can surprise. The Dutchman has a lot of confidence in his team.

As we reach the halfway point of the season, the excitement is mounting. Verstappen seems to have a good chance of winning the world title with the remainder of the Formula 1 calendar, but the Red Bull driver realises better than anyone that it is difficult for him to predict the final stretch.

"At the moment, I don't really know, because people keep on improving and things keep on changing," he states in conversation with "Every single weekend is so close: you can have a very good package, but if you don't have a good set-up, you know it's not going to show. We always have to make sure that we look into every single detail to be competitive. That makes it a bit unpredictable, because some weekends you nail the set-up better than other times."

Verstappen feels relaxed

Verstappen has also been feeling relaxed all season. "There isn't any more pressure because I have a good car this year, and most of the time you go into a weekend knowing that you can really fight for a win or at least a podium. So I’m actually pretty relaxed about it, because I know that I will always do the best I can, and then it's up to the package to determine where you're gonna end up. I'm actually very relaxed."

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