Verstappen jokes about rules: 'Maybe we have to work with traffic lights'

23-09-2021 15:49 | Updated: 23-09-2021 16:47
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Verstappen jokes about rules: 'Maybe we have to work with traffic lights'

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton got all the attention in the last two weeks because of the incident in Monza. The Dutchman starts this weekend's race with a grid penalty of three places. According to the FIA he was the culprit.

Verstappen gets asked on F1TV if racing incidents can still exist or if someone is always guilty. "The rule book becomes bigger and bigger every year, I don’t know maybe at one point we have to work with traffic lights (laughs). You know everyone has their own take on it. You know everyone has their own view on it. They have clearly a different view than me and that’s fine."

Hamilton has yet to find an example of a moment where Verstappen is willing to give up a position, says the interviewer. "Ah I don’t know, keep looking I would say. I don’t really look back at these things. You also don’t want to think about it too much, because the season so far has been already good enough and exciting enough that it is more important to just look forward and enjoy the year."

Verstappen enjoying the season

Indeed, the Dutchman says he is really enjoying the title fight this season. "Because how many times do you have two teams that closely battling. I mean the last two years were so boring with one team always quite a bit ahead of the others. And it was quite clear which team was going to win."

"That's what I am also enjoying. That we finally have a battle on our hands, every weekend you go out there and you are not sure what it is going to be, can we win, can we be on the podium, or is there a surprise from another team. I think this is just good for F1", Verstappen said.

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