Verstappen finds Hamilton's statements hypocritical: 'He was clearly okay'

23-09-2021 14:55 | Updated: 23-09-2021 16:38
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Verstappen finds Hamilton's statements hypocritical: 'He was clearly okay'

Max Verstappen is not happy with those who criticised him because he didn't check if Lewis Hamilton was okay after their crash in Monza. He calls Hamilton's statements hypocritical, and also says he did check if his rival was okay.

The discussion began with Hamilton expressing surprise that his rival walked away without checking that he was OK. Those statements came a few weeks after Verstappen's crash at Silverstone, after which he criticised Hamilton for his exuberant behaviour while the Dutchman was still in the hospital.

Verstappen calls criticism of Hamilton hypocritical

The Red Bull Racing driver believes the criticism is unfounded. "There are a lot of hypocritical people in the world, that's clear," Verstappen told "I jumped out of the car and looked to the left, and he was trying to put the car in reverse and get the wheel loose to get under my car today. So it seemed clear to me that he was completely fine."

In addition, the Limburger saw something else that raised question marks. "Monday or Tuesday he flew to America to attend a gala, I think you only do that when you feel good. I think everything was under control from the start," Verstappen said.

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