Hamilton annoyed with Marko: "I didn't say I was dying, did I?"

23-09-2021 12:26 | Updated: 23-09-2021 14:36
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Hamilton annoyed with Marko: I didn't say I was dying, did I?

Lewis Hamilton suffered some neck pain after the somewhat strange crash between him and Max Verstappen. The rear wheel of the Red Bull of Verstappen hit the head of Hamilton. The Brit reacts to the reproaches of Red Bull advisor Dr. Helmut Marko.

Hamilton annoyed by reproaches Marko

Helmut Marko stated that Hamilton exaggerated the neck pain he got from the crash, because he was in New York at the MET Gala the day after. Hamilton wants to pay as little attention to it as possible.

The Telegraph quotes the Brit: "It's quite natural to have some discomfort when a car lands on your head... I was in some pain, but I had treatments and acupuncture immediately after the race and throughout the week."

"I didn't say I was dying, did I?" the Briton continued. "I was just grateful to get out of the car without any serious injuries."

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