Objection against Wolff's idea: 'There is no room for thirty cars'

23-09-2021 10:21 | Updated: 23-09-2021 11:21
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Objection against Wolff's idea: 'There is no room for thirty cars'

F1 is considering various options to give young talent more of a chance in the premier class of motorsport. One idea that has received a lot of attention recently is the idea of each team competing with three cars. F1 expert Marc Priestley lists the biggest objections to this.

Three cars per team

A well-known F1 problem is the availability of seats. Young talent doesn't get the chance because the seat is already taken, a richer driver takes the place, or the sponsorship money from a certain corner of the world determines who drives.

On YouTube Marc Priestley looks ahead to the Sochi GP and answers questions from viewers. The Brit addresses the idea of an extra car per team and mentions the objections: "Firstly, most circuits simply don't have the garage space to accommodate thirty cars. That would mean ten extra garages in the pitlane."

Money and space do not allow F1 expansion

"Some circuits can't handle thirty cars on the track," Priestley continues. "Think of Monza, where we had twenty cars on the track. Thirty cars would be disastrous."

"The second thing is that someone has to pay for it. We're at the point where there are big cuts in budgets in F1 and where we're looking at a more sustainable future. An extra car per team, only increases those costs."

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