Marko spoke to Verstappen after the crash: 'There must be mutual respect'

22-09-2021 08:20 | Updated: 22-09-2021 09:06
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Marko spoke to Verstappen after the crash: 'There must be mutual respect'

Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes exaggerated according to Helmut Marko after the crash between the Brit and Max Verstappen about the injury of Lewis. Nevertheless, Marko spoke with his pupil to prevent this from happening in the future.

A racing incident, that's how Verstappen's camp calls the collision between the Dutchman and Hamilton. The stewards decided otherwise, and the team can now live with that. What they could not accept was the 'play' Hamilton would have performed afterwards. According to Red Bull, there was hardly any question of an injury.

Outfit of Hamilton

''If you're going to be on a seven-hour flight, then it couldn't have been that bad. The whole incident was certainly not life-threatening either. If he had really had serious neck pain or problems, he wouldn't have appeared in New York in a very funny outfit'', Marko cites at the German RTL Marko cites the photos that appeared of Hamilton at the Met Gala.

Although the team dismissed the crash as a racing incident, Marko did speak to Verstappen. ''From our side, we do try to influence Max in such a way that there is mutual respect, and collisions are avoided. However, they are drivers, and when the visor is down, they have forgotten everything'', concludes the Austrian.

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