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Hamilton and Verstappen supported: 'They were both angry'

Hamilton and Verstappen supported: 'They were both angry'

20-09-2021 19:00 Last update: 21:12


Mercedes and Red Bull Racing are preparing for the Russian Grand Prix this weekend. However, in the back of their minds will be the race in Italy, where the battle between the teams was once again on display.

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen had a serious collision in Imola. The Dutchman chose to take the outside bend and ended up on top of his competitor's car, preventing both drivers from continuing. The race direction blamed Verstappen for the incident, although opinions were divided in the days that followed.

However, according to Alexander Wurz, president of the Grand Prix Drivers' Association, people should not make the moment too big. "There will be a conversation, but you have to detach yourself from being in the car and making such decisions," he told Sky Sports. "They're only people too and they were both angry because of the bad pit stops and the way the race went. Also, you know you only have one chance. In this case, they may have succumbed to the pressure to some extent."

Verstappen vs Hamilton

Verstappen did still reach second place during the sprint race, which put him two points ahead of Hamilton. The difference between the drivers is five points for now. At the Russia GP, Mercedes is the favourite for the win.

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