Berger hopes Verstappen wins the title: 'It would be better for the sport'

20-09-2021 07:32 | Updated: 20-09-2021 09:25
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Berger hopes Verstappen wins the title: 'It would be better for the sport'

Gerhard Berger hopes that Max Verstappen will be world champion in Formula 1 in 2021. According to the former Formula 1 driver, it would be good for the sport, and the Dutchman is also ready for it.

Lifeblood of F1

Verstappen's fans have had to wait a while, but in 2021 the Dutchman can finally compete for the world title with Red Bull Racing. After years of dominance by Mercedes, Red Bull has now finally joined the duel, and Verstappen has a real chance of winning the title. However, it is very exciting, so the Dutchman gets nothing for free.

"This is real racing and this is what Formula 1 needs. We finally have two heavyweights competing against each other. The fact that they are racing for different teams makes it that much better. This is what Formula 1 has been waiting for for years, this is vital for the sport. If Ferrari also joins, then the grandstands will be packed," says Berger in conversation with

Title for Verstappen

"Max is not short of anything now, he's on the same level as Lewis in my opinion. He doesn't make any mistakes anymore. Look at Zandvoort, under extreme pressure I didn't see him make a single mistake. That's great to see, both drivers are very special.

Although Berger would also love it if Lewis manages to win his eighth world title, he hopes for a title for Verstappen this year. ''For the sport as a whole it would be good if something changes and if Max therefore takes the title. We've seen Lewis win for four years in a row now and Max has also grown into a superstar. In that respect, it would be good if the youngster draws the longest straw," concludes the DTM championship's top man.

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