Russia wanted to host second race: "Let's say we couldn't find common ground"

19-09-2021 20:25
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Russia wanted to host second race: Let's say we couldn't find common ground

The organizers of the Russian Grand Prix would have liked to host a second race in 2022, and they say they are disappointed not to get that chance.

This is what general director Alexey Titov of ANO Rosgonka, which is responsible for organizing the race in Sochi, says. "Talks have taken place about a second race in Sochi, because of the adjusted calendar due to the coronavirus," Titov says in an interview with Championat.

Russia wants to organize second race to replace GP Japan

He continued: "I was somewhat disappointed that there would be no second race, because in that case we could have hosted the tenth Grand Prix in Sochi in 2023. That would have been nice to add some completeness, but it is what it is."

Titov sees a possibility for a second Grand Prix in Russia to replace the Suzuka race, which is not happening. "We had talks about that, but let's say we couldn't find common ground with Formula One. It was a combination of factors on both sides, both organisational and economic," he concludes.




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