Exasperated Raikkonen: "Why do I have to answer this?"

19-09-2021 18:14 | Updated: 19-09-2021 18:24
by GPblog.com
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Exasperated Raikkonen: Why do I have to answer this?

Kimi Raikkonen has had to miss the past two Formula One weekends due to a positive corona test. This happened shortly after he announced his impending departure from the sport. One thing he won't be sorry about: all those questions he would be bombarded with.

He will be asked those questions on his return to Sochi, but the news has already sunk in. Top Gear Raikkonen was already bombarded with questions in the run-up to the Grand Prix weekend in Zandvoort before he tested positive for corona.

Raikkonen annoyed by questions

These were not the most standard questions, but they can of course count on standard Raikkonen answers. When asked why he is famous, the Finn can be brief: "For driving cars around," he says with a smile. "But I would prefer to do the same things without the fame."

When asked why people like him, he gets slightly annoyed. "Why do I have to answer this? I am myself and do things that feel good for myself. My bosses sometimes think differently but I don't care. You have to do things your own way so you can be happy," Raikkonen said.

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