Perez tries to look at the gap to Verstappen in a positive way

19-09-2021 15:55 | Updated: 19-09-2021 18:23
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Perez tries to look at the gap to Verstappen in a positive way

It is not easy to be the teammate of Max Verstappen. Pierre Gasly and Alexander Albon found this out earlier and now it is becoming painfully clear for Sergio Perez as well. He said he needed an adjustment period before the start of the season, but it is taking longer than expected.

In the past races, the gap to his teammate was also quite big. In an interview with Perez says that the switch from Racing Point to Red Bull Racing is quite big. The car and the Honda engine require a completely different driving style than he was used to in recent years.

By his own admission, the gap with Verstappen during the race is now a lot smaller, but he admits he still has a big step to make especially on Saturday. "The race pace is now good, but in qualifying, I still need to find something. I am very honest about that. If you want to look at it positively, you can also say: the delta that is there on Saturday is often gone again in the race."

Perez wants to strike in 2022

Perez, meanwhile, is pinning his hopes on 2022. Then all the drivers will have to get used to a new car, so everyone starts from scratch, as it were. "Whether that style suits me better? We'll see, but otherwise, I'll make sure my driving style fits the new regulations," Perez said.

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