'Rules changes for 2022 not radical enough'

19-09-2021 15:54 | Updated: 19-09-2021 18:22
by GPblog.com
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'Rules changes for 2022 not radical enough'

For next season, teams will not only have to comply with new technical regulations but also financial regulations. The budget cap is a big step for Formula 1 in an attempt to make the sport more fair and attractive. However, according to Alpine advisor and former world champion Alain Prost, the technical changes do not go far enough.

"The knowledge and experience that they [top teams] have built up with so much money and people in the past is not going to just disappear. That's why I would have preferred a completely new playing field, especially in the field of Aerodynamics," said Prost in his own podcast.

Prost wants more freedom

By making the aerodynamic rules simpler but giving more freedom in other areas, such as ground effect or using different tyre compounds at the same time, Prost thinks smaller teams could have made the difference more easily.

"Now we do have a budget cap, but still a big aerodynamic advantage for the top teams. And we don't have any other parameters that we can catch up with. I can remember just trying out soft tyres on the left or hard tyres on the back, none of that is allowed anymore."

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