Italians want to raise money to secure seat of Giovinazzi

18-09-2021 15:26 | Updated: 18-09-2021 19:43
Italians want to raise money to secure seat of Giovinazzi

Angelo Sticchi Damiani is calling for the Italian government to decide to provide Antonio Giovinazzi with financial support to enable the 27-year-old driver to renew his contract with the Alfa Romeo Racing team. The influential President of the Italian Automobile Club would be disappointed if Alfa Romeo were to choose another driver for reasons of sponsorship.

"He is a great driver and we have not yet been able to give him the opportunity to show his full potential," Sticchi Damiani told the press during the Grand Prix weekend at the Monza circuit. The ICA chief hopes that the Italian government also understands what Giovinazzi brings to the country with his performances in Formula 1.

Sticchi Damiani is therefore asking for "fundamental" help. "We are of course talking about suitcase containing the necessary amount for him to continue in F1. Today it's not like it used to be in Formula 1 when good drivers had no problem continuing to race," he said.

Hope for Giovinazzi

Giovinazzi is currently the only Italian driver in the premier class of motorsport, nor is it the case that the next talent is already ready to make the switch from Formula 2 , for example. "It is our duty to protect Antonio and give him the chance to continue in F1, so that he can show his true potential and develop as he deserves."

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