Schumacher is learning a lot: "Haven't found my ideal working method yet"

18-09-2021 14:52 | Updated: 18-09-2021 19:42
Schumacher is learning a lot: Haven't found my ideal working method yet

Mick Schumacher made his debut in Formula 1 this season, however, he's having a difficult season so far. Not only are there no World Championship points, he has also crashed out of his Haas F1 car a couple of times. In his first year in the premier class of motor sport the young German is learning a lot and that was the goal.

"The list of things I've learned is very long. I think the most important thing has been how to manage the tires and how to find the limit of the car," Schumacher says of his learning curve. "I don't think there were any particular learning problems. I feel like I was able to learn things very easily, which is very good, but obviously there is still a lot to learn for me."

Lots or little preparation on simulator?

The build-up towards the Grand Prix weekend, for example, is something the Formula 2 champion is still tinkering with a bit. "Each driver has to find his own method of preparing for the race weekend. Some drivers need the simulator and others don't. I'm a bit in between. The more time you spend in this sport, the more you can concentrate on what you need to prepare for the race weekend," he explained at

The teammate of Nikita Mazepin knows that experience is now a very important thing in Formula One. "I think it's part of a constant learning of man that the more he tries new things, the more he wants to try other things. I haven't found my ideal method yet, but I'm sure that with the passing of months and years I'll know exactly what I need," Schumacher said.

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