Horner faults Stewart: "Max showed maturity way beyond his years"

17-09-2021 15:03 | Updated: 17-09-2021 16:46
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Horner faults Stewart: Max showed maturity way beyond his years

While Sir Jacky Stewart claimed in the Daily Mail this week that Max Verstappen is taking too long to mature, Christian Horner thinks the opposite. The Red Bull Racing team boss looks back on the Dutch GP and praises Verstappen for his nerves of steel.

Horner still raving about Dutch GP

Horner has returned to the factory after an exhausting triple-header in which his number one driver once again finished as championship leader, one win and three pole starting positions. The Dutch GP in particular has impressed the Briton.

In his column Horner wrote: "I still have the 'Super Max' song ringing in my head! I’ve never experienced a crowd like that."

Verstappen feels no pressure

The great expectations of the home crowd at the Dutch GP bring Horner to the following: "I have to say, the way Max dealt with that was phenomenal. It’s worth remembering, whilst he has been in F1 for seven seasons he’s still only 23 years old. He kept his head and did not allow the pressure of the occasion to get to him."

"Even after the race, he was measured and was not diving into the crowd. He handled that pressure and showed maturity way beyond his years."

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