Schumacher: 'In Zandvoort he was in a very bad mood'

16-09-2021 18:46 | Updated: 16-09-2021 19:08
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Schumacher: 'In Zandvoort he was in a very bad mood'

Aston Martin came out with the news on Thursday that Sebastian Vettel will also be part of the team next season. It led to many positive reactions from the Formula 1 world, including Ralf Schumacher.

The former driver believes it is a good thing that Vettel can continue to be admired on the circuits in 2022. The German is currently 12th in the world championship standings with eleven points more than his teammates, proving that he still has enough qualities to be present in Formula 1.

"I am absolutely delighted that he has made this decision because it is obviously important for Formula 1 in Germany, but also for Formula 1 as a whole," Schumacher told Sky Sports F1. "It would certainly have been a shame to lose such a personality and world champion as Sebastian Vettel."

Possible doubts with Vettel

Schumacher was still in doubt as to what Vettel would decide in recent times. "At Zandvoort, he was still in a very bad mood I thought, and he was also very critical of the whole environmental issue in Formula 1 and around it. I was almost worried: 'Now he's already so far gone and thinking about everything, and maybe he wants to spend time with his family as well.'"

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