Ticktum: 'My chances of getting into Formula 1 are as good as gone'

15-09-2021 12:03 | Updated: 15-09-2021 14:00
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Ticktum: 'My chances of getting into Formula 1 are as good as gone'

After being dropped from Red Bull's training programme, Dan Ticktum recently had to say goodbye to Williams as well. The current fourth place finisher in the Formula 2 championship sees his chances of qualifying for Formula 1 steadily diminishing.

Chances of Formula 1 gone

Ticktum was part of Red Bull's driver programme in Formula 3. In 2018, he finished second in the championship behind Mick Schumacher. In 2019, he even got to test for Red Bull Racing during the Young Drivers Test in Bahrain, but less than six months later, Red Bull and Ticktum part ways. He is embraced by Williams, but earlier this year that relationship was also severed.

"There wouldn't have been a race for me next year anyway now that [Nicholas] Latifi has extended his contract [at Williams]," Ticktum said at Motorsportweek.com. "It's obviously very disappointing. My chances of getting into Formula One are pretty much gone, that's the reality, unfortunately." In doing so, the British driver called Formula 1 political and unfair. "The best or the most talented drivers sometimes don't get to the top."

Farewell to motorsport

The 22-year-old driver has not been without controversy in recent years. Among other things, he is said to have spoken negatively about Latifi during a livestream. "I've opened my mouth far too often and said things I shouldn't have said. But I am who I am." Ticktum, in his own words, doesn't quite fit in with today's Formula 1. "Never say never. I'm a very fast driver. Maybe there is a way back to F1 one day, but it doesn't look promising."

Should he not be able to find a place with a good team for next year, the Briton is even considering quitting motor racing altogether. "I don't know what I'll end up doing next year. If I can't find a way to win races and make a lot of money in motorsport, then I'll basically do something else. We'll see where I end up, hopefully get some opportunities. I'm sure I can be very valuable to another F1 team or somewhere over the pond. We'll see."

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