Schumacher to Ferrari? 'He still has a long way to go'

15-09-2021 07:27 | Updated: 15-09-2021 09:36
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Schumacher to Ferrari? 'He still has a long way to go'

Mick Schumacher received another tap from his teammate Nikita Mazepin in Italy. The battle is fierce between the two drivers, but Gerhard Berger has advised Schumacher to keep calm.

It was a remarkable choice by Haas who opted for two Rookies for 2021. With Schumacher and Mazepin, the team has two drivers who are new to the sport and want to prove themselves. The last few races have shown the problems that can cause. Schumacher is clearly the faster of the two, and this causes irritation for the Russian.

Schumacher versus Mazepin

Mazepin has already committed several dangerous actions, which resulted in a discussion with Günther Steiner. That didn't seem to have achieved much, as things went wrong again in Italy. ''This is really a predatory competition. Your teammate is the first one you have to beat, but I told Mick to focus on the big goal, and not waste unnecessary energy'', said Gerhard Berger according to

That big target is Ferrari, where the earliest a seat will become available is 2023, when Carlos Sainz's contract expires. ''Mick is doing very well now, but there is still a long way to go before you can say he is ready for one of the top teams,'' the former Formula One driver concludes.

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