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Hamilton after crash: 'I will probably have to see a specialist'

Hamilton after crash: 'I will probably have to see a specialist'

14-09-2021 17:13 Last update: 18:02


The crash with Max Verstappen at Monza may have longer consequences for Lewis Hamilton. During the crash, the rear wheel of Verstappen hit the head of the Mercedes driver. The halo ensured that this did not have fatal consequences, but the Briton still suffers from his neck.

Hamilton to see medical specialist

On F1i.com Hamilton states that prior to the Russian Grand Prix at the end of this month, he may visit a medical specialist. "I think I'll just travel for the next few days, but I'll probably need to see a specialist to make sure I'm good for the next race because it's getting tighter and tighter. But I'll survive."

Still in race mode

Footage released earlier today showed just how lucky Hamilton was during the crash. The halo, which has only been mandatory for a few years, may have even saved his life. At the moment itself, however, Verstappen's title rival was not concerned about that at all.

"Looking back at the footage it obviously happened incredibly fast, and in the car, all I could think about was getting going and how many positions I would lose. I was still in race mode." Hamilton was keen to get back on track as soon as possible. "Unfortunately, the car didn't want to drive anymore."