Todt feels current format is pointless: 'I'm a bit perplexed'

14-09-2021 14:13 | Updated: 14-09-2021 14:17
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Todt feels current format is pointless: 'I'm a bit perplexed'

Formula 1 is working hard to make the sport more exciting in the years to come. During the Italian Grand Prix, another sprint race took place to investigate the effect.

The sprint race was once again thrilling, as Lewis Hamilton lost his second position to a poor start. It had a big effect on his race on Sunday, as the British driver had to start from fourth.

Nevertheless, there is also criticism of the sprint races. Since qualifying already takes place on Friday evening, the second free practice on Saturday is no longer relevant. "With this format, I'm a bit perplexed about what happens between 12:00 and 13:00 on Saturday," states Jean Todt in conversation with "This free practice of one hour is not understandable, not by the public and not by the media. It is only interesting for the teams to collect data, for example on tyre wear. In terms of the show, it's pointless."

Sprint races provide evolution

"This is an evolution of the competition. The grid is determined based on sprint qualifying. There is an extra event on Saturday, which has made qualifying on Friday more important. What is most important is the main race on Sunday. There should be no confusion about that."

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