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Will Hamilton win in Sochi? Red Bull could not even overtake McLaren

Will Hamilton win in Sochi? "Red Bull could not even overtake McLaren"

14-09-2021 10:21 Last update: 11:10


The upcoming race in Russia already promises to be an exciting new episode in the title fight between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton two weeks beforehand. Schumacher believes that Hamilton is likely to take victory. Engine changes can only cause surprises.

Advantage for Hamilton

The grid penalty Verstappen has to endure in Sochi will make it difficult for the Dutchman to attack Hamilton. Ralf Schumacher thinks that normally these three positions should not be a big problem for Max, even if it is a bit difficult to overtake.

On Skysport.de the German writes: "That's where Hamilton has the advantage. But engine changes are also still pending. There are rumors that Hamilton has to do the same as Bottas did in Monza. With Max, the swap is also hanging over his head, although that is not certain because of the kilometers saved at Spa Francorchamps."

Red Bull struggled against McLaren

Schumacher estimates the proportions and predicts, "In Sochi, it's very likely that Hamilton takes an easy win. Red Bull couldn't even overtake McLaren at Monza. Max may be a bit more aggressive, but if he's too hard on the tires, it will still be difficult."

Finally, Schumacher reports that Verstappen must also watch out for Valtteri Bottas who showed in Italy that he is in good form. "He could also just take important points away from Max."

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