Human error' got Verstappen into trouble: 'That's why they got together'.

14-09-2021 06:21 | Updated: 14-09-2021 09:04
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Human error' got Verstappen into trouble: 'That's why they got together'.

Max Verstappen didn't score any points during the Italian Grand Prix after his pole position in the sprint race had given him a great starting position. Christian Horner is upset about the crash, and especially the fact that the team put Verstappen in that position.

Verstappen and Red Bull were certainly not the favourites for the Italian Grand Prix, but with pole during the sprint race suddenly everything seemed possible. A pit stop of eleven seconds threw a spanner in the works though. The tyre would have been on, but the wheel gun did not give the signal 'ready'. The man with the wheel gun realised this only belatedly.

Fault at Red Bull

''That was a human error. Something went wrong at the front right. The wheel seemed to be on properly and was ready to go, but the car was not released. This put us in a familiar situation. Normally we shouldn't have been near Lewis at all,'' Horner said to

Mercedes was not faultless either, causing Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton to crash into each other on the track. ''Mercedes also messed up Lewis' stop of course. Otherwise, he would clearly have been in front. But anyway, by this coincidence they ended up exactly in each other's path'', concludes the Red Bull Racing team boss.

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