Szafnauer on rumours of break-up with Vettel: "100% nonsense"

13-09-2021 19:28 | Updated: 13-09-2021 20:44
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Szafnauer on rumours of break-up with Vettel: 100% nonsense

By now most seats for 2022 are taken. Last week was the week of announcements. Amongst others Mercedes, AlphaTauri, Williams and Alfa Romeo announced their seats for 2022. Yet Aston Martin, among others, remained in the background. For some time now everyone has been assuming that Lance Stroll and Sebastian Vettel will be driving the green car, but this has not yet been confirmed by Aston Martin.

Team boss Otmar Szafnauer says to that the rumours about a rift in the relationship with Vettel are based on nothing.

"100% bullshit. We don't have a plan B. There are zero points of friction. Ask him yourself! I'm sure he'll say he loves this. It's really just about clarifying a few details."

When in doubt, Aston Martin would have entered into talks

And not with Vettel or Stroll, but with other drivers. For example, drivers from Williams or Alfa Romeo.

"If we had had even the slightest doubt, we would have entered into such talks. In July, when everyone was talking about whether we would go to Williams or Alfa (to take over drivers). But we're not doing that."

The American indicates that it could be completed within just over two weeks and is then also brief on whether both drivers will stay and how that will be announced. "If so, then probably both at the same time," Szafnauer concludes.

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