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'Hamilton gave Verstappen a chance, it's his own fault'

'Hamilton gave Verstappen a chance, it's his own fault'

12-09-2021 17:01 Last update: 19:26


Who was at fault during the incident between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton? That is the question that is on the minds of the Formula 1 world right now. The analysts at the Ziggo Sport broadcast also give their opinion and former F1 driver Robert Doornbos points his finger clearly in one direction.

"Lewis comes out of the pitlane and Max is on the racing line and brakes later. But what Lewis should have done and rightly what Max did yesterday at Ricciardo, you have to indicate, the corner is mine. If Lewis had just taken that position then this situation could never have happened. Then you think, okay, Lewis leaves a bit of space. No, Lewis leaves no room, it's half, it's nothing", Doornbos starts.

Because Verstappen didn't get any space you flew over the kerb, where the car becomes uncontrollable. "At the beginning of the race, Hamilton does leave room for two to go through. So it's what Max instinctively said right away: This is what you get when you don't leave me enough room."

Hamilton's mistake

Doornbos continued: "It's making choices and trusting your choice. If Lewis had driven straight on coming out of the pits, Max would not have been able to steer. Then you decide what happens in that corner. Now you go in, you give him that chance, he dives in. It is his own fault." According to Doornbos, Hamilton also gave Lando Norris all the space he needed to take that corner, so why didn't he do this to Verstappen?

Tom Coronel adds: "Lewis came out of the pit lane. He knew Max would be there. Max had more speed also towards the corner. Then you have to go for it."

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