Verstappen: 'There were a lot of things that went wrong on our side'

12-09-2021 16:19 | Updated: 12-09-2021 19:26
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Verstappen: 'There were a lot of things that went wrong on our side'

It went completely wrong between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton in Monza. The two drivers hit each other in turn one and crashed together. Zero points in the world championship.

"In the race, there were a lot of things that were not good on our part. Bad start. We need to look at it more deeply. We had less grip than yesterday, so I didn't get away well. Then the strategy was also bad, really not okay to let ourselves be undercut by the leader. I said already a few laps that my tyres weren't good anymore, so that's also something we will analyse," Verstappen told the Ziggo Sport camera.

The pit stop, which lasted eleven seconds, ultimately ensured that the Dutchman ended up so close to Hamilton. Where did it go wrong? "Something at the front, right front. We are going to look into why that was the case. Normally we are very good at pit stops, now I think there was a bit of a miscommunication with the wheel gun. Then you get so close in Turn 1."

Verstappen blames Hamilton

"He already pinched me on braking in Turn 1, so by then, I had to drive on the green. Then I just tried to go around the outside, only he kept squeezing me the whole time. At a certain point, I didn't have enough room to make that turn. So we both went off", the Dutchman continues.

Better to go off together? "No you can't say that. Of course, I never want to crash, I just want to race well. It takes two men to get through that corner together, if one doesn't want to cooperate, then it stops."

The two men should report to the stewards at any moment. What are Verstappen's expectations? "I don't know, we'll talk about it and then we'll see. I'm just explaining my story the way I said it here and that's all I can make of it."

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