Wolff on F1 engines: 'Mercedes wants to compromise to help Volkswagen'

12-09-2021 10:23 | Updated: 12-09-2021 11:57
by GPblog.com
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Wolff on F1 engines: 'Mercedes wants to compromise to help Volkswagen'

In Spielberg, the Formula One Management organised their first summit meeting about the new engines, which will come into use in a couple of years time. Also present were Volkswagen and Porsche, to possibly link new engine suppliers to F1. In Monza this weekend another important meeting will take place, with probably also a number of decisions.

Motorsport.com reports that Audi and Porsche, on behalf of Volkswagen Group, are present at the meeting at the Italian circuit. They were also present in Austria. Toto Wolff has confirmed to the same medium that the MGU-H is likely to disappear as an engine component. "It's a compromise, although I can't speak for the rest, we as Mercedes want to participate in that to allow a participation of Volkswagen Group," the Mercedes team boss acknowledged.


He does indicate that much remains to be done. "The MGU-H will be taken away if we can find a solution to many other points and if no compromise can be found, then we will probably return to the lead and then we will have 2026 regulations which is going to be determined by the FIA and the FOM."

The initial plan was for the new engine regulations to take effect in 2025, but so that has already been postponed for a year to 2026. So this weekend the first decisions will be made and over the next few months, the new regulations are likely to take more and more shape, with the hope that new engine suppliers will link up with F1.

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