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Marko unimpressed with Hamilton: He has a tendency to be theatrical

Marko unimpressed with Hamilton: "He has a tendency to be theatrical"

07-09-2021 09:52 Last update: 10:41


During the Dutch Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton could regularly be heard on Mercedes' team radio complaining about the state of his tyres. Helmut Marko takes these messages with a pinch of salt though, as it doesn't always turn out to be the truth.

It happens more often than not that Hamilton openly complains about his tyres during a race. This is sometimes used by Mercedes to give the competition the wrong impression, after which it turns out that the tyres are still in good condition. According to Marko this was also the case in Zandvoort.

Marko calls Hamilton's team radios theatrical

"Hamilton has a tendency to be theatrical," the Red Bull chief told Sky Sports Germany. "We analysed Mercedes' tyres, and Bottas' were in the most critical condition. As far as we were concerned, we could change to hard tyres at the second stop without any problems and finish the race."

About Max Verstappen's race, the Austrian has nothing but praise. "Max drove perfectly and without mistakes. We reacted strategically to Mercedes all the time. This is Max's best victory so far," Marko gloats.

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