Pirelli also wonders: 'Is a one-stop strategy possible at Zandvoort?

04-09-2021 17:51 | Updated: 04-09-2021 19:39
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Pirelli also wonders: 'Is a one-stop strategy possible at Zandvoort?

Looking ahead to the first Formula 1 Grand Prix in 36 years at Circuit Zandvoort, many questions still remain unanswered. One of them concerns the optimal pitstop strategy for Sunday, something that even tyre authority Pirelli does not have the answer to.

Max Verstappen will find himself in a tough spot tomorrow afternoon. He will be pursued by the two Mercedes drivers, who have already indicated that they will be using different strategies in an attempt to outperform the Dutchman on his home turf. This could be the wise decision, as even Pirelli don't know which strategy will be the fastest on the circuit in the Dutch dunes.

In conversation with Formel1.de Mario Isola, Pirelli racing CEO Mario Isola stated that, strategy-wise, "everything is still open" for Sunday. "Both variants are certainly possible."

Safety car

Isola also states that the Aston Martin safety car will probably have to be deployed again on Sunday. The Dutch circuit has proven to be unforgiving over the course of the weekend, with a driver error being punished harshly in every Formula 1 session.

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