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Mercedes laughs at Red Bull: If they would distract us, that's fine

Mercedes laughs at Red Bull: "If they would distract us, that's fine"

03-09-2021 12:58

According to Auto, Motor und Sport Red Bull Racing has filed a complaint with the FIA about the Mercedes engine. The Austrian team claims that there is something wrong with the latest Mercedes power unit. Toto Wolff is happy with the situation and believes a lawsuit can only benefit his team.

According to the rumours, Mercedes is able to cool the air in a chamber considerably during the acceleration phase. This results in more horsepower, but according to Red Bull it is mainly a matter of where the sensors measure the temperatures in the chamber, because there is only a certain temperature allowed. Possibly Mercedes has found a trick on this.

Wolff not afraid of investigation

"I heard about it for the first time a few days ago," responds Wolff, who denies at the press conference that there is any tampering. According to Wolff everything is within the regulations and it's only normal that the FIA receives questions from teams at any time of the year.

Sky Sports also brings up the subject. The Mercedes team boss can only laugh about it. "We are happy that they are taking the time to do this kind of research. If they distract us like this, that's fine, we welcome their requests."

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