Verstappen faces challenge: 'Qualifying on Saturday is half the race'

02-09-2021 18:54 | Updated: 02-09-2021 19:10
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Verstappen faces challenge: 'Qualifying on Saturday is half the race'

Jos Verstappen will be nervous at the track this weekend when his son appears at the start. He himself is hopeful that Verstappen will win the race, although he also knows that Red Bull Racing has other teams to contend with.

The former driver therefore expects a duel during the Dutch GP. "Nobody has certainty, but the chance that Max wins is certainly present," he said in conversation with Radio 538. "It will be between Max and Lewis. It has to be a bit of a challenge and qualifying on Saturday is half the race. It's details that decide a race, but I think the chances are pretty good."

During the racing season he has a lot of contact with his son and discusses almost everything that the top driver in his team experiences. However, there are also limits to this, he notes. "We have a lot of contact and discuss everything, but how Max organises his team is not my concern. He does that in his own way and he does it extremely well."

Position in world championship

Verstappen and his team are doing well, as he is still just three points behind his rivals. This could change this weekend.

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