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Verstappen honest: 'Not up to me to make fans stop booing at Hamilton'

Verstappen honest: 'Not up to me to make fans stop booing at Hamilton'

02-09-2021 13:48 Last update: 14:34


In Hungary and Belgium we have already heard it, the booing of some Dutch fans towards Lewis Hamilton. Although in Spa-Francorchamps it was a lot less than at the Hungaroring, that there will be boos again this weekend seems almost a certainty.

Max Verstappen was asked at the press conference what he can do about it, but he clearly didn't see why he should change the actions of the fans. "I don't think it's up to me. Quite apart from the question of whether they would listen to me, but I can't decide it for them either," Verstappen acknowledged at the press conference where AD were present.

Just like in football

"I see it like this: when a football team plays an away game, the players also get booed at some point. Because the supporters support their local team. The home club doesn't ask them not to, either," says Verstappen. He still thinks the boos aren't very successful, as Hamilton is an experienced sportsman who can handle the boos.

"Here the fans will be passionate too, but I think most of them just want to have a great weekend. As a driver you have to be the one who doesn't do anything and Lewis has already indicated that that applies to him, so that's fine," the Dutchman concluded.