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Russell to Mercedes? Verstappen is in favour of the switch!

Russell to Mercedes? Verstappen is in favour of the switch!

02-09-2021 13:23 Last update: 14:31


The rumours surrounding George Russell and Mercedes seem to be getting stronger, now that Kimi Raikkonen has indicated that he will retire after this season in Formula 1. This also could mean a new competitor for Max Verstappen, if Valtteri Bottas indeed has to make way. The Dutchman is already looking forward to the duels with the young Briton.

"If he joins the team I'm sure he's going to make it difficult for Lewis," Verstappen explained to The Race. The Red Bull Racing driver refers back to Bahrain 2020, when Russell had to step in for Lewis Hamilton after a positive coronation test. "He then jumped straight into the car in Bahrain and was very tricky for Valtteri after just one lap."

Russell can continue to grow at Mercedes

According to Verstappen, it's remarkable that Russell was so fast after just one race and the Dutchman explains that he can only get faster. "You only get faster the more experience you get in the car and the more time you spend with the team. I really expect him to do very well if he gets that seat."

"It's very normal, at some point drivers get too old and have to stop and the new drivers come in to replace them. It's really cool that we've all raced in the same classes, even from karting. We are not that different years so it is really nice that we have all those duels from karting now in Formula 1", Verstappen concluded, looking ahead to the duels that he, Russell, Charles Leclerc and Lando Norris will have in the coming years.