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Russell hopes for De Vries: Unfortunately not enough room for everyone

Russell hopes for De Vries: "Unfortunately not enough room for everyone"

01-09-2021 15:48 Last update: 17:37


Now that Mercedes has still not decided which driver it wants to field next to Lewis Hamilton in 2022, the future of Nyck de Vries remains uncertain. The current Formula E champion has been linked to various teams in the rumour mill, including Williams. However, as long as the situation of Valtteri Bottas and George Russell remains unresolved there is no seat available with that team.

Speed, charisma and attitude

Russell, however, is certainly upbeat about the Dutchman. "He's a Formula 2 champion, he's a Formula E champion, he definitely has the speed, the charisma and the right attitude to be an F1 driver," the man who qualified second at Spa told Autosport.com.

De Vries and Russell also know each other well off the track. Nyck's sister Seychelle is the girlfriend of the man who according to many will succeed Bottas at Mercedes. It must have come up at family parties. "Unfortunately Formula 1 only has 20 drivers. When a good driver comes, a good driver has to leave. So, it's not that simple," Russell says.

Not enough room

It won't be down to the favour factor according to Russell. "He deserves to be here, but let's wait and see if he gets the chance or if the opportunity presents itself. Unfortunately, there's not enough room for everyone." Extra striking that the key to a quick entry into Formula 1 for De Vries seems to lie with his brother-in-law.

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