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Second GP in the Netherlands? One country can organise two races

Second GP in the Netherlands? "One country can organise two races"

01-09-2021 12:33 Last update: 13:05


When it was announced that Formula 1 wanted to return to the Netherlands there were two circuits in the running for that coveted spot on the calendar; Zandvoort and Assen. Eventually, the circuit at Zandvoort drew the longest straw, but in Drenthe, they don't give up so easily.

Second Grand Prix in Assen

The Dutch Grand Prix Foundation, the foundation that was created by the TT Assen to bring Formula 1 to Assen at the time, wants to organize a second Grand Prix in the Netherlands at TT Circuit Assen in 2023, via Daily newspaper of the North. Jos Vaessen, former chairman of TT Circuit Assen and now chairman of The Dutch Grand Prix Foundation is totally in favour of it. "One country can organise two races".

According to Vaessen, there is a lot of enthusiasm for a second race in the Netherlands. "The motorsport world is asking us why Assen is not hosting a Formula 1 race. From former drivers and also from the FOM. The popularity of Formula 1 in the Netherlands will not be affected. Each race weekend millions of people tune in to the Formula 1 broadcasts and the Grand Prix at Zandvoort was sold out in no time.

"One race in the spring and one race in the autumn," is the idea according to Vaessen. Whether there will actually be a second Grand Prix weekend in the Netherlands remains to be seen but Dutch Formula 1 fans will probably welcome it with open arms. For the first time in 36 years, a Dutch Grand Prix will take place this weekend with Max Verstappen, of course, the big favourite to win.

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