Ecclestone backs Hamilton: 'It's not Afghanistan'

30-08-2021 17:18 | Updated: 30-08-2021 19:30
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Ecclestone backs Hamilton: 'It's not Afghanistan'

The big discussion point of last weekend was of course the course of events during Sunday's 'race'. The race that was never to take place. The question is whether the way the FIA handled the situation was the right way. Also, Bernie Ecclestone has his doubts about that. Sportsmail Ecclestone has his doubts about that.

The FIA decided to stop the race clock at a certain point because the weather was not cooperating. At the beginning of the evening, without the weather improving, two laps were driven behind the safety car to get at least one result. Shortly after that, another red flag was raised and not much later the final message came that the race would not take place. Ecclestone would have handled this differently. He is on the side of his fellow countryman Lewis Hamilton in that respect.

"I would have said at 3pm when the race was due to start, let's try again at 4pm or 4.30pm. It doesn't look like the conditions will improve, but I don't know. But whatever happens, it will start then. If you want to race fine - if not, fine. Nobody can put a gun to anybody's head. It was up to the drivers."

Ecclestone size striking comparison

Because according to him, drivers are perfectly capable of deciding for themselves whether they want to continue the race or not and whether the weather allows or prevents it.

"If I were at the back, I might decide it's not worth the risk because it's bloody dangerous there. If I wanted to score points for the team and for myself, I might think I wanted to keep going. People make their own decision, and it's not Afghanistan. We drove in worse conditions and didn't call the race off."

Chances are, like many moments so far this year, this moment will be talked about for a while. Surely the majority will want to avoid such a situation as last weekend rather than repeat it.

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