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Newey abandons 'high rake' concept in 2022: 'You won't see that again'

Newey abandons 'high rake' concept in 2022: 'You won't see that again'

27-08-2021 08:31 Last update: 08:41

Although the title fight in 2021 is still in full swing, Adrian Newey is already working with part of his team on the 2022 car. The top designer was not immediately enthusiastic when the new rules became clear, but now sees opportunities.

For the 2022 Formula 1 season, the rules for building your car are completely overhauled, and that means teams have already started working on the new design early in 2021. Newey calls it the biggest rule change since 1983 but sees an opportunity to help Red Bull build a great car.

Opportunity for Newey

''In the beginning, frustration dominated. Once I had read up on the regulations, it became more interesting. Still, I think it's the wrong way to divide the car into more and more boxes of legality and to dictate the contours within those boxes. I am in favour of the opposite: more freedom, but fewer possibilities for development'', says Newey at Auto, Motor und Sport.

With the new concept, Newey says his famous 'high rake' concept will also disappear. ''By nature, that rake will be less. We are talking about a kind of venturi car. And they have to drive as close to the road as possible to take advantage of the ground effect. You certainly won't see any more cars that are as high at the back as they are now,'' concludes Red Bull Racing's top designer.

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