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Dutch GP Looks Like Real Possibility in Near Future

Dutch GP Looks Like Real Possibility in Near Future

23-03-2018 16:07
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Jake Williams-Smith

The local government have appointed race promoters to help get a Dutch Grand Prix back on the F1 calendar.

Assen could be the next circuit to be added to the F1 calendar after a positive move by the local government to appoint a race promoter to help with plans for a Dutch Grand Prix.

There has been a lot of rumours circulating for some time that a Dutch GP could be a possibility and with the meteoric rise of national hero Max Verstappen, odds on a return to the Netherlands for a race are looking good, with Assen the favourite location should an F1 return be formalised.

The Netherlands Grand Prix Foundation is now in charge of any commercial dealings and negotiations for the project with foundation leader and former Assen TT chairman, Jos Vaessen confirming plans for a Grand Prix to take place.

"It feels good to be actively involved in hopefully acquiring, promoting and organizing a future F1 Grand Prix in Assen."

Formula One race director, Charlie Whiting inspected the circuit earlier this year to assess the ability of Assen to host a Grand Prix, a positive step in securing the return to the F1 calendar. Minor tweaks would need to be made to the circuit to secure its FIA Grade 1 License to host an F1 race.

An agreement reached between the race promoter and Liberty Media could signal the return to the country for F1.

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