Norris sees disappointment in season: 'The rest of them have been pretty good'

14-08-2021 09:47 | Updated: 14-08-2021 14:36
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Norris sees disappointment in season: 'The rest of them have been pretty good'

Lando Norris is having a promising season at McLaren. The British driver is managing to compete with Mercedes and Red Bull Racing this season and is therefore in third place in the World Championship.

The driver is looking at the first half of the season with a positive feeling as well, as he told in conversation with "I would say this has probably been my best by quite a long way mainly just from the consistency side of it. Talking about qualifying, there was only really Barcelona, which was an off event for me, the rest of them have been pretty good and I don’t think I’ve had that in probably any other series."

Looking at his past, Norris feels he is making clear strides in his level. "My best one before this was Formula 4 or Formula Renault probably more like Formula 4 just in my consistency in the qualifying side of it, I think qualifying side the Top 2 all season but yeah this year what’s been good, is both my qualifying consistency and more importantly the race consistency, so definitely my best that I’ve had in my career."

Disappointing results for Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo is not doing as well when compared to Norris. The Australian is struggling to perform with his new car and has so far scored 63 points less than his teammate, putting him in ninth place.

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