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Ticket holders at the GP Zandvoort will be informed about the race before 18 August

Ticket holders at the GP Zandvoort will be informed about the race before 18 August

13-08-2021 17:58 Last update: 20:49


Today it was officially announced that the Zandvoort Grand Prix will take place. Yesterday it was already announced that not 105,000, but 70,000 spectators would be present. Today this appeared to be the case.

With 67% the Grand Prix will go ahead and the Formula 1 will come to the Netherlands during the first weekend of September. The question that remains is: how is it determined who is allowed to attend the Grand Prix and who isn't? In a press release, the organisation explains.

"A lot of hard work has gone into rebuilding the circuit and organising one of the biggest sporting events in Dutch history. The organisation is pleased that the majority of our ticket holders will have the opportunity to witness the battle for the Formula 1 World Championship live. It is very disappointing for the group of fans who cannot attend."

Ticket holders will be notified August 18

Because the organisation wants to settle this as soon as possible. "No later than Wednesday, August 18, ticket buyers will be informed via email whether they will be able to witness the race this year, or will have to be patient for another year. For the fans who unfortunately can't be there, there is the possibility to transfer their ticket(s) to the Dutch Grand Prix of 2022 or request a refund. “

Where 67% will be lucky, there will also be 33% who will have to accept that they will not be able to attend the Grand Prix in Zandvoort. These people can apply for a refund.

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