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Which Williams driver delivered the least in recent years?

Which Williams driver delivered the least in recent years?

13-08-2021 15:03 Last update: 16:46


Williams did not have an easy time in Formula 1 in recent seasons. The British team barely scored any points and therefore had to rely on drivers who brought in money themselves. But which drivers were paid the most per point? We found out by looking at the last four seasons.

5. Nicholas Latifi - £78.287

Nicholas Latifi is in his second year at Williams. The Canadian failed to score any points last season but has six this year. In total, he received almost £80.000 per point in salary, making him proportionally the most expensive.

4. George Russell - £85.686

His current teammate George Russell, who is already in his third season, follows soon after. The Englishman scored no points in his first year, three points in his second and four points in his current season. With a total of seven points, he, therefore, costs Williams over £80.000 per point.

3. Sergej Sirotkin - £108.398

Only one season Sergei Sirotkin was allowed to race for Williams in Formula 1. It was not a successful year by any means, as he only conquered one point in 2018. As a result, Williams had to spread its salary of over £100.000 over Sirotkin's only point.

2. Lance Stroll - £216.795

Lance Stroll was only under contract to Williams in 2018, where he came to six points for his team that season. However, the driver also earned a decent salary, costing him an average of £216.795 per point.

1. Robert Kubica - £411.911

The absolute number 1, however, is Robert Kubica who competed for Williams in 2019. Once again, it was not a successful season for the English, as Kubica only managed one point. As a result, he collected £411.911 for his one-time tenth place finish of the season.

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