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'After Hungary, Verstappen may get a new engine in Belgium'

'After Hungary, Verstappen may get a new engine in Belgium'

13-08-2021 09:15 Last update: 09:21


After the summer break, the drivers and teams will travel to Spa-Francorchamps for the Belgian Grand Prix. In recent years a circuit where Mercedes ruled the roost, but Peter Windsor also expects a lot from Red Bull Racing.

Spa-Francorchamps is of course known for needing a lot of power for the long straights, which is why Mercedes with their dominant engine have been hard to beat here in recent years. Mercedes still seems to have the fastest engine, but Windsor thinks Red Bull also has a weapon on this track.

Opportunity for Red Bull

"Let's see how the car performs at Spa. There's a question mark there again with Verstappen, whether they will give him a new engine again, as he already had a new engine in Hungary. We'll have to wait and see how the two teams will compare there,'' says the former Williams team manager.

''Don't write off Belgium as a Mercedes circuit because they would have speed on the straight. Red Bull have always been good in the second sector at Spa. They will think about maximising that with downforce levels aimed at sector two. That's where we'll really see how far Red Bull is with those Pirelli tyres,'' Windsor concludes His video.

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