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Hakkinen takes Bottas to task: 'Shouldn't compare him to Hamilton'

Hakkinen takes Bottas to task: 'Shouldn't compare him to Hamilton'

12-08-2021 12:58 Last update: 15:29


Valtteri Bottas is having a tough time at times as Lewis Hamilton's teammate at Mercedes. More often than not he is used as a second driver to get the maximum result for the seven-time world champion in battle with Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen. According to Hakkinen, Bottas should not worry too much about his role at Mercedes.

"It's very easy to talk about someone who becomes world champion and always wins, and then criticise his teammate. It's an easy comparison, but you often forget the full picture of what it's like to be half of a winning team. I won two world titles myself because Coulthard was a very strong teammate," the Finn explained at Motorsport.com.

Bottas important for Mercedes

According to Hakkinen, it is important that there is a clear relationship between the two drivers. "Mercedes knows that like no other, when two drivers are fighting each other in such a way that it can cause damage. Part of Valtteri's job is to work with Lewis, push as hard as possible, but maintain good communication."

Especially in the intense fight between Red Bull and Mercedes, a second driver like Bottas is vital. "Valtteri knows his job is to perform better than the team's rivals, especially now that Red Bull and Honda have made such a big leap forward," Hakkinen concluded.

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