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Verstappen points to Hamilton: 'He will have learned from this'

Verstappen points to Hamilton: 'He will have learned from this'

12-08-2021 11:04 Last update: 11:18


Max Verstappen would have done nothing different in the duel with Lewis Hamilton. That says the Dutchman in conversation with The race. Verstappen assumes that Lewis has learned from this moment.

Verstappen does not feel guilty

At the British Grand Prix, Verstappen went into the wall at high speed after making contact with Hamilton at Copse. The Briton was on the inside of Verstappen, but missed the apex. Verstappen gave Hamilton space, but that was ultimately not enough. However, Verstappen believes he could not have done anything better.

''I will continue to race as I always have. I don't feel I did anything wrong in that duel. I gave him more than enough space, but he estimated the speed for that corner completely wrong. Especially the angle he went into that corner, there was no way he could have made it at that speed,'' Verstappen said.

Hamilton must learn from it

''When you're so close to the wall going into Copse and you try to go into the corner at the same speed as me, the track just stops at a certain point. This time he hit my rear end and I got into the wall.''

Some say Verstappen would not have known Lewis was on the inside or counted on him pulling away, but according to Verstappen that is not the case. ''I knew very well where I positioned my car, and knew that from that angle in the corner I had to give room to him as well. I did, but he still hit me. From my side I will continue to race as I always have done and I think he will also learn from what happened here'', the Dutchman concludes.

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