Marko on Vettel disqualification: 'How does this stand in comparison to Hamilton?'

10-08-2021 09:59 | Updated: 10-08-2021 13:19
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Marko on Vettel disqualification: 'How does this stand in comparison to Hamilton?'

Yesterday it was announced that Sebastian Vettel's disqualification remains unchanged after Aston Martin appealed against the penalty. Helmut Marko has little sympathy for the disqualification.

Marko compares the penalty to that of Lewis Hamilton at Silverstone which Red Bull Racing protested against, but to no avail. The Briton was given a 10 second time penalty after the crash with Max Verstappen.

"Vettel was disqualified because there was not enough fuel left in the tank. The relationship between the penalties needs to be reviewed. It is clear why Vettel almost ran out of fuel, because a normal race was calculated in and then he just consumed more in the fight with [Esteban] Ocon - no driver saves fuel in this situation. What kind of penalty is this compared to Hamilton's offence?", said Marko in an interview with

Comment Hamilton about Alonso

During the Hungarian Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso held up Hamilton for several laps by defending strongly, allowing Ocon to eventually walk away with the win. According to the Brit, Alonso's driving was dangerous.

"Then there is Hamilton's statement about Fernando Alonso's dangerous driving. He drove sensationally, defended optimally, and then this statement from someone who eliminated a competitor one race earlier", Marko noted about Hamilton's complaints during his numerous attempts to pass Alonso in the race.

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