Criticism of Red Bull's approach: 'Have to accept the consequences'

05-08-2021 10:10 | Updated: 05-08-2021 12:45
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Criticism of Red Bull's approach: 'Have to accept the consequences'

After the races in Silverstone and Hungary there was a lot of controversy about the penalties given to Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas. Hamilton received a ten-second penalty in Britain, while Bottas will receive a five-place grid penalty before the race in Belgium at the end of this month. 

Red Bull don't think these are enough and aren't happy with the penalties both drivers received. Marc Priestley thinks that the incident itself should be looked at, not the consequences, but Priestley understands why Red Bull are not happy, as it could cost them places on the grid in the future. This is what he says in his new video on YouTube.

"The consequences of Silverstone and Hungary are going to be much bigger at Red Bull. Perez is already saying he might need a new engine and so are others. Later this season that could cost them places on the grid if they have to use their fourth engine thanks to the incidents in Britain and Hungary."

Can't look at the implications for Red Bull

According to Priestley, the moment itself and the penalties handed out to Hamilton and Bottas need to be looked at; not the consequences for Verstappen, Perez or Red Bull.

"What you can't do, however, at the time, is point to the moments in Hungary and at Silverstone as the reason you now get penalties on the grid for exceeding the number of power units you exceed."

"You have to look at the event and the penalty that a Bottas or Hamilton got at the time," the Briton said. "You punish that and the penalty is the result of that. But you can't look at the consequences and the cost to Red Bull as a result and then say that Hamilton's or Bottas' penalty should be higher for that reason. You can't do that. You have to accept the consequences for yourself."

At the end of August, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton will continue their battle for the world championship in Belgium and then the Netherlands.

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