Horner not yet concerned: 'All Verstappen's retirements not his fault'

04-08-2021 08:28 | Updated: 04-08-2021 09:37
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Horner not yet concerned: 'All Verstappen's retirements not his fault'

Until Silverstone, Red Bull Racing seemed to be on a roll. In the last two Grands Prix, however, Max Verstappen's team took a handful of points. As a result they lost the lead in both championships. According to Christian Horner there is no panic in the Milton Keynes factory.

"The tables will turn, I'm quite sure of that. Over the course of an entire season, luck and bad luck always balance each other out," Horner explained in conversation with Speedweek. For now, Red Bull's focus will first be on the summer break."I'm glad that our people get a break to take a deep breath, they really deserve it after all the hard work. But after the summer break we will make a full attack."

Verstappen unhappy with outings

Until Silverstone, Red Bull were the dominant force and were in first place in both championships. "We never had the impression that we had everything under control. But we can build on our strengths. We won six races. Max regularly got the maximum out of the runs, and if he had to retire, it was never because of him. Blown tires in Baku? Not his fault. Collision in england? Not his fault. Collision in Hungary? Not his fault."

Although Horner is holding out hope for the second part of the season, the team boss also recognises that they have had a difficult time. "We have two difficult GP weekends behind us, but even before that it became clear how quickly things can change in Formula 1. There is still a long way to go to get the title," Horner concluded.

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