Brawn impressed with Hamilton: "He was remarkably quiet on the radio"

02-08-2021 14:15 | Updated: 02-08-2021 14:43
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Brawn impressed with Hamilton: He was remarkably quiet on the radio

Compared to the race in Britain, there was still a small advantage for Max Verstappen in the race at the Hungaroring. Again, he was hit by a Mercedes on the first lap, but at least he was able to continue his race, albeit with half a car. Valtteri Bottas at least turned the entire race on its head, resulting in a surprise, but no less enjoyable podium.

Never seen it before

In his column on Ross Brawn shines his light on the race in Hungary. "At the start there was the frustration that a tasty fight was taken away from us by the melee at the first corner. The drivers were driving on intermediates for the first time this weekend at a track known for its slipperiness. It robbed us of something we were all looking forward to: Mercedes versus Red Bull. For Red Bull it will have been pretty painful to have one and a half cars out of the race."

The red flag restart also caused a stir, even with Brawn, who has been around F1 for a few years. "Then we had the very unusual situation of Lewis being the only one to take the restart after the red flag. I've never seen anything like it. But it made for a fascinating race, with wonderful action throughout the field. Lewis always proves to be a threat, even when he's starting from the back. Overtaking is very difficult at this track and the current cars are hard to follow - but those are issues we are addressing, starting with the new rules next year."

Hamilton Driver of the Day?

For Brawn, then, Hamilton is an option as Driver of the Day. "It is so easy with Lewis to just gloss over what he has achieved. He came from last place to the podium on a circuit where you can't overtake. He was very impressive today. He was able to dodge problems at the first corner and didn't let the issue of the restart upset him, when he was the only one on the grid. He was remarkably quiet about it on the radio. I thought we might have heard more from him!"

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