Red Bull sees 'cruel' damage: 'Will Wolff pay the bill?'

01-08-2021 17:48 | Updated: 01-08-2021 18:48
Red Bull sees 'cruel' damage: 'Will Wolff pay the bill?'

Red Bull Racing once again have a lot of repairs to make to the RB16Bs after the Hungarian Grand Prix. Valtteri Bottas' brake caused Sergio Perez to retire and he will probably have to have his Honda engine replaced, and for Max Verstappen, P10 was the maximum after the bargeboard on the right side of the car was completely wiped out. Christian Horner is very disappointed.

The Red Bull Racing team boss bumps into Toto Wolff as he sits down with Sky Sports. Nico Rosberg asks if an apology has been made."Is he [Wolff] going to pay the bill?" Horner wonders aloud.

The British top man continues: "I'm sure he didn't tell him [Bottas] to drive against the Red Bulls, although I'm also sure he didn't mind seeing that result of it in the end. The consequences for us are cruel. The FIA needs to look at that," he was referring to the budget cap. Because of others, Red Bull has less money left over to introduce updates. The cars need to be repaired as well.

Bad luck for Red Bull

At the television station Horner looks back on the first half of the season which consisted of eleven GP's."We won six races, were knocked out of a race after a tyre blew [in Azerbaijan], out of the race at Silverstone and out of this race this weekend. We are taking a break and coming back charged up. The second half is going to be epic," Horner concluded.

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