Toto Wolff: "I believe we did absolutely the right thing"

01-08-2021 16:50
Toto Wolff: I believe we did absolutely the right thing

It was a high drama Grand Prix but in the end, Toto Wolff will be pleased that his driver, Lewis Hamilton, has taken the lead in the World Championship. There was plenty for the Mercedes boss to talk about after the Grand Prix and the biggest talking point in Valtteri Bottas' lap one incident which knocked Max Verstappen out of the race. 

"I completely understand the feelings," Wolff said to Sky F1 when asked about Max Verstappen's comments. "All I can do is to take it on us. It was a small mistake being too late on the brakes and took out Lando and the two Red Bulls. It's not how things should go but in the rain its quite tricky."

Bottas' lap one crash

"I think he got sandwiched and the moment it closed they braked. Then he was too late. As I said, its a small mistake that caused so much. Such a big accident that cost them a lot of points. Possibly two cars on the podium."

Hamilton staying out on intermediates 

"To be honest, I believe we did absolutely the right thing. There is no one in the team that has said otherwise. As a leading car, it's always difficult to take those decisions and if you are the only one pitting you come out last.

"It looks like we were lonely on the grid and it played against us. With the sun it dried out so quickly. Within a lap it was dry. I stand behind the decision. We could have gambled and come out with a disastrous outcome." 

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